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Training of Thought


Training of Thought

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Training of Thought



Virtual plays were performed in the virtual world, Second Life. Actors spoke through a voice interface and manipulated their avatars kind of like operating a puppet. The options for sets, costumes and special effects makes for extraordinary creative expression.

I Gave at the Office
(wrote and directed)

an office worker changes her attitude after her office equipment come to life (check out the trailer)

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I Gave at the Office I Gave at the Office

Oxymoronic Fusion
(wrote and directed)

farce that seeks to reconcile different belief systems including mythology, past lives, aliens, spirit guides and alternative dimensions (check out the trailer)

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Oxymoronic Fusion Oxymoronic Fusion

The Sanity Patrol Is Out To Get You
(wrote,designed and performed)

a rally to recruit sanity patrollers including content from The Sanity Patrol Handbook and original music (check out two machinimas)

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The Sanity Patrol Is Out To Get You The Sanity Patrol is out to Get You

The Virtual Short Play Buffet

readings of 115 plays, six of which received full productions

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Virtual Short Play Buffet

Virtual Short Play Buffet Virtual Short Play Buffet

The Mentsh Who Stole Kwanzaa
(wrote and directed )

a father struggles to celebrate the holidays with his daughters after his wife dies.

mentsh who stole kwanzaa


In The Pink
(co-wrote, designed and performed)

a series of monologues modeled off of The Vagina Monologues (including a monologue written by the playwright) to celebrate VDay

in the pink




Thinking and Critiquing in a Digital World

wrote and performed a short play interacting with avatars that was presented at the Imagination Education Conference

Invisible Threads: A Virtual SweatshopInvisible Threads (click image to enlarge)

I Gave at the Office

wrote and produced this virtual play presented at the Second Life Community Convention that appeared on a screen with half the actors on site and the other half appearing solely virtually

Invisible Threads: A Virtual Sweatshop

acted as the floor manager at the Sundance Film Festival that manufactured jeans at the booth of Double Happiness performed in chat

The History of Singapore

wrote the script for this laser show for students in Singapore


script consultant for this reality show for the State of Washington Apprentice in the Trades Program

Through The Eyes of a Friend

original scriptwriter for this monologue performed in front of historical footage on the holocaust that toured junior and senior high schools


facilitator of the Meaning of Life Chat that covered big questions about real life and Second Life [click image to enlarge] The Meaning of Life Chat facilitator of discussions on metaphysical topics that started on Americal Online and moved to the web omni facilitator and chat manager for The Writer's Club and facilitator of chats for Parascope, discussing paranormal topics aol
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