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Training of Thought


Training of Thought


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Training of Thought


Full Length Plays

Ritual Wash

six women from different times and places explore their lives as they go through menopause (received a public reading at Cloud City Coffee)

Stages of Ages

four people show how early imprints during the stages of development shape their lives in this percussive musical (each act won festival honors at New City Playwrights’ Festival and Storefront Theater’s New Works Festival; full play received a public reading at Jane Doe Theater)

Oxymoronic Fusion

a farce that seeks to reconcile different belief systems (see virtual production)

I Gave at the Office

an office worker changes her attitude after her office equipment come to life (commissioned by A Contemporary Theater; see virtual production)

Tarot for Fools

the Fool meets the major arcane of the Tarot (received a public reading at Astrology et al)

Exercising Belief

an interactive play that explores different points of view when it comes to the act of belief (produced for New City Theater’s Playwrights’ Festival)

Short Plays

Managing Fringe

the managing director of a small theater struggles to keep it afloat (received a public reading at Stone Soup Theater’s XXX Festival)


the Fool talks to Death about his dog

After Eros

two people struggle to move forward in their relationship (performed at New City’s Playwrights’ Festival)

The Column

a struggling writer tries to develop a newsletter for her law firm

Cellular Communication

a woman takes advice from a neuron in her body who communicates via cell phone

Making it Work

a playwright rewrites his script with the help of a director, actors and dramaturge

The Sanity Patrol Is Out to Get You

an exploration of what constitutes sanity and how to embrace it (performed at New City Theater’s Directors’ Festival)

Theater Management


Eat My Shorts
Open Circle Theater

seven plays selected out of over 100 received a full production


Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters
Open Circle Theater

comedy loosely based on Shakespeare’s Scottish play

stage manager

Seattle Outdoor Theater Festival

seven theaters presenting Shakespeare and children’s plays in the park

Managing Director Open Circle Theater, Seattle WA
Co-Founder and President Northwest Playwrights Guild
Board Member and Program Director Pacific Northwest Writers Association
Events Manager Seattle Writergrrls
stages of ages
Stages of Ages

the sanity patrol is out to get you
The Sanity Patrol is Out to Get You

wyrd sisters
Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters

ritual wash
Ritual Wash

eat my shorts

oct pnwa
nwpg seattle outdoor theater
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