sharon glantz

Z. Sharon Glantz
photo by Judith van Praag

Z. Sharon Glantz

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I’m Z. Sharon and I’m a creative compulsive
Much to the dismay of others, I often point out that the emperor has no clothes
I’d rather understand than know
My work is emotionally and intellectually provocative
I value learning how differently other people think and act
Strangers are comfortable telling me their secrets
I’m a fan of symbolic languages
My dreams are a source of reconciliation, not inspiration
I give a great psyche massage
The dark quiet of night is my friend
I’m a fickle agnostic
Rather than the acronym LA, I say Los Angeles
I say what I mean and I mean what I say
If it ain’t broke, I break it to see what’s inside
I love arguing politics and religion with the goal of finding common ground
Mathematics and quantum theory shape my understanding of reality
I enjoy making customer service personnel laugh
Because denial is never having to say you’re sorry, I avoid it
I am more sardonic than sarcastic
Those who use dictionaries to understand complex ideas make me crazy
I read like a fish

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